Holitec Broadband

Licensed ISP for Cyprus

Communal Complex Fiber Internet Prices


Installation Cost: FREE until 30th October (Normally €500)

Including WiFi coverage of Public/Pool area (if required)

Cable and Face plate Upgrade to CAT5e (1GB) LAN Port: €40

Upgrade using existing cat5 cable (eg. holitec wireless): FOC

Cable and faceplate + Gigabit WiFi Router: €89

1GB or 10GB Fiber also available**

Speed                       Monthly                    Annually

25Mbps                      €15                            €150

50Mbps                      €25                            €250

100Mbps                    €40                            €400

200Mbps*                  €75                            €750

Advertised speed target is 90%. 200Mbps is not available on developments with less than 50 connections.

Minimum period 6 months per year, System port rental €5 per month while switched off. Re-connection fee €5.

Re-connection due to non-payment €30.


*Minimum number of connections 50 per complex

** Fiber connection will be supplied wit a direct fiber LC terminal to connect to the customers LC router. Please note this is specialist equipment available to special order only. The system supplied will support 4 of these connections as standard.


Minimum contract period is 24 months. We reserve the right to reduce the price should our supply costs lower, but not increase it. The above prices will be the maximum price you will pay during the contract period.

For help in deciding the package required please see our FAQ section, or contact us to arrange for a fiber specialist to visit.