Holitec Broadband

Licensed ISP for Cyprus

Our Network

Our main POP's are located in Polis, Coral Bay and Paphos. These POP's are connected via dedicated 100MBPS fibre, 25km to Polis and 15km to Coral Bay. These circuits have a 99.9% guaranteed availability from CYTA. Our connection to the Internet from Paphos is supplied by CYTANET by optical fibre. Our other nodes are supplied from the main POP via high capacity wireless links. Outlying areas are supplied by a CYTANET copper connection, such as Polemi and Sea Caves. Our coverage is over 90% of the areas from Paphos, Sea Caves, Polis and all the way to Pomos.

Superfast fiber now available to communal developments island wide! - call or email for details. Optical Fiber to the premises now available subject to availability, currently business or developments only!

Network reliability has proven to be excellent over the last few years. In the event of a failure, we aim to correct any faults within 4 working hours.