Holitec Broadband

Licensed ISP for Cyprus

Can I use a slingbox/slingcatcher to watch my UK TV?

The system supports Slingbox. The quality is heavily dependent on the upload speed at the slingbox location. You need a good constant upload speed of at least 300Kbps to achieve a reasonable picture quality. Most connections in the UK do provide this upload, but if you live in a rural location or in a heavily used area, constant upload speeds may not be possible, causing the occasional picture freeze. We now offer our own UK TV service, using our own dedicated link from the UK and our own transcoders.


Can I stream video and TV like BBC I-player?

You cannot directly watch UK services via BBC i-player as our IP address is listed as outside the UK. Streaming video services will need to be buffered, because of the nature of wireless connections, as there is the occasional time-out in the signal. Normally, this does not effect any services, as the TCP/IP protocol is designed to overcome this. We do currently offer a free VPN service, but this is not guaranteed to work with every channel or be available at all times.


What if I use a peer to peer protocol to watch TV such as MyP2P?

This will normally be redirected to our dedicated P2P lines, which will cause problems for video streaming. You need to contact us and let us know what software you are using in order that we can prioritise the traffic correctly.


What is your License number and why do you need one?

We need two separate licenses to provide a public service. Firstly, we need to be authorised by the Electronic Communications & Postal Regulator in order to provide a service to the public. This is the authorisation that all ISP's have in order to provide the service. Without this license, we could not legally provide you with a service, as part of your subscription and installation charge is paid to the Licensing body in the same way as a TV license in the UK. Our authorisation number is 2/2008. Additionally, we have authorisations for our transmitters from the Department of Communications. Without this, we cannot provide a wireless service. As a licensed provider, we are responsible to the regulator and have to comply with the regulations. You as a customer, have a benefit, in that you have a legal redress if you are not happy for any reason and that you know that your provider is unlikely to disappear or be shut down.


How reliable is the service?

Our regulated target reliability is 96% uptime. Our main locations have exceeded 99% uptime in the last two years. However, we are reliant on other bodies such as electricity, which in more rural locations have been less reliable. We are changing our power supplies later this year, to battery power in order to remove the reliance on mains power. During the period where main links fail, P2P file-sharing will be unavailable and voip may not be usable, emails and internet browsing will be slower, but usable. Our main POP has both Cablenet and CYTANET feeds, so in the event of one failing we will fall back to the other feed.


I have a problem, what is the response time to my call?

We will respond with 4 working hours of a support ticket being raised. You can call us on 26821412 24/7, during working hours if you do not have internet access at the time, or http://www.holitecbroadband.eu/support to enter the ticket request without calling us. If our 1st line support cannot fix the problem, your request will be escalated to 2nd level support. We will usually respond within 30 minutes, but if our support staff are busy may take a little longer, but we will respond within 4 hours. If we do not, our ticket system will automatically remind us of your request. Outside of working hours, you can leave a message on the voicemail, we may not respond until the next working day.


I have a login screen, why is this?

A login screen can appear for a number of reasons. The router has failed to authenticate your MAC address because there is a delay in receiving a reply from the server (possibly due to a line failure), or your account has expired. You should not normally have to login unless you share a receiver unit with a neighbour. This can also occur after a power failure, or switching both the receiver and router on at the same time. It is better to first switch on the outdoor receiver, then after about 2 minutes switch on the router.


My Channels freeze or Mix on the Ksada STB - what can I do?

Sometimes the Ksada STB gets upset, the solution is to select MENU, Admin, Scan Channels, press OK and OK again, then Exit. If this does not resolve the problem, call support and we will reset the local transcoder and reset the STB remotely.


How does the picture quality compare with normal satellite reception?

The TV picture is compressed and optimised for wireless delivery. Therefore, it is not as sharp as the original, plus some fast moving scenes may have a slight shadow. This is a limitation of the system. With fixed line customers, initially the same system will be used, but once the fixed line customer base grows we will stream at full speed to fixed lines, and compress for wireless customers.