Holitec Broadband

Licensed ISP for Cyprus


Development and Complex Fiber Solutions


Holitec Computers can offer a TRUE fiber connection to developments and apartment complexes. A minimum of 20 customers is required to enable us to connect the fibre and infrastructure. We install a dedicated fiber connection to a central location, with Gigabit CAT 5e connections replacing the existing telephone socket (we can fit a dual telephone/CAT5e socket retaining the telephone line if required). For conversion and installation cost please refer to our current price list - just plug in your PC or router and you are working!. Speeds up to 200Mb are available, with capability up to 1GBPS per connection, so you are ready for the future.

The main reason for changing over to the fiber solution are:-

No interference - unlike wireless

low latency - ping time to Nicosia under 10Ms, UK less than 100ms

fiber reliability - far more stable than ADSL or Wireless

smooth streaming of content - like IPTV - great for gaming

cheaper than even switch on/off services an a per annum basis

24/7 support - 4 working hour response

The connection is contracted though CYTA, we have a 24/7 support contract

Minimum speed is 25Mbps, exceeding the EU Specification for "SuperFast" internet

As part of the installation we will cover Public areas like the pool area with WiFi if required - you can specify the key to ensure only your members are able to connect. We will also supply a free connection should you have any facilities such as a pool bar or Gym within the complex.

The customer must use a router as only one MAC address will be registered per account. If the device is changed, Holitec must be informed with the new MAC in order to update the account. Standard routers are available from any computer sales shop, for 100Mbs or more you will need a Gigabit router. The new details will be displayed on a logon-screen for new equipment. Just call the office with the details to enable the connection.

A central firewall will be installed for greater protection from cyber attack.

Large projects can be catered for. The service is available Island Wide, subject to survey.

We would need a central safe location (such as a lift service room or plant room), 13A power outlet,and  access to the current telephone cabinets in order to run the CAT5e cables, and the fiber feed to the cabinet. We can use the existing CYTA conduit to the premises for the fiber under our License Terms. There is no need to cable every Apartment, you can just start with a few and add more as required. Multiple adjacent blocks can be connected via a 60GHZ license free Gigabit bridge, should there not be enough connections in a single block, but they must be on the same development, under the same management. Holitec will require written permission from the Management Committee or developer to locate the equipment on the premises, and grant 24/7 access to the equipment.

Installation times vary according to location, allow about 4-6 weeks for the planning and fiber installation, especially for large projects.



For further details and to arrange a site survey please call 26821412 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it