Holitec Broadband

Licensed ISP for Cyprus

Opening Hours:

Coral Bay:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-2pm.
Prodromi: Tuesday, Thursday 10am-2pm

(Summer Opening times)

The offices will be closed from the 13th September to 29th September (instead of August this year). Calls during this period will be answered as normal.


Our voice mail service is available outside of these hours on 26821412

Voice mails are checked from 8am to 8PM Mon-Fri, 8am to 7pm Sat and 8am to 4pm Sunday and Bank Holidays

Based in Coral Bay, Holitec supplies wireless and cable broadband throughout the Paphos area. Our offices are located at Shop 11, Aristo Complex, Coral Bay and Shop 3, Agios Therissos, Prodromi, Polis. Cable connections via the CYTA backbone is available Island Wide.

Holitec is authorised to provide a public‚ service, under the Regulation of Electronic Communications & Postal Services Law of 2004.

Our extensive network is connected to our central server room in Coral Bay, connected to the outside world by CYTA fibre connections. The main nodes at Coral Bay and Prodromi.

We offer two connection plans, our traditional Premier units and a new Budget unit with a standard 12 month warranty. Internet packages start with our basic 10MB service, and speeds of up to 100Mb are currently available depending on your location and distance from the main POP. Direct fiber connections up to 1GBPS are available to business users with free connection until 30th September. From 1/8/19 we are unable to offer a switch on/off service for new clients for less than 6 months per 12 month period due to spectrum saturation.

Now available

New! 6MB Service - €15.00 per month

most packages have now been upgraded by 25% additional download
Connection packages up to 200MB via SuperFast Fiber

Direct fiber to your home or business up to 1Gbps

True Fiber connections to Developments and Apartments - 50MB internet from €25 per month!*

For super-fast connections in Paphos and Polis: www.paphosbroadband.com

(Actual speeds for the fibre 100 at peak time)


Paphos Webcams now available at: www.holitecbroadband.eu/webcam/webcam.html

*depending on the number of connections per complex